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Download Monero

A single archive contains all you need to start using Monero (the full node and the wallet).

We recommend downloading Monero binaries directly from GitHub:

GUI is a graphical desktop wallet.

CLI is a commandline desktop wallet.

If you need more guidance check download Monero section on Monero website.

It is critical to verify the signature of downloaded archive.

Which version to download?

Download the latest version matching your operating system and processor architecture.

The CLI version is released earlier and is suitable for server deployments.

The GUI version contains both CLI and GUI. It is preferable for end-users.

All versions contain a full node and a wallet.

Why prefer GitHub over

Binaries appear earlier on GitHub.

On top of that, if you fail to properly verify the signature, GitHub is safer, simply because you don't need to trust a separate website to not be compromised. Obviously, you should still carefully verify the signature for each release. Signature verification is always the primary line of defense.