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monero-blockchain-export - Reference


Nowadays, there is little usage for raw blockchain export / import. In the past the p2p blockchain download was much slower. Back than blockchain.raw file was used to speed up the process of bootstrapping a node.


The tool dumps local blockchain to raw format, known as the blockchain.raw file.

This could be useful if you want to process blockchain efficiently with your custom tools, as the raw format is probably easier to work with than Monero's custom lmdb database.

The tool works on your local copy of the blockchain. It does not require monerod running.


./monero-blockchain-export [options]


./monero-blockchain-export --help


Go to directory where you unpacked Monero.

./monero-blockchain-export --stagenet --output-file=/tmp/blockchain.raw



Option Description
--help Enlist available options.

Pick network

Option Description
(missing) By default monero-blockchain-export assumes mainnet.
--stagenet Export stagenet blockchain.
--testnet Export testnet blockchain.


Specifying the log file path is not supported.

Option Description
--log-level 0-4 with 0 being minimal logging and 4 being full tracing. Defaults to 0. These are general presets and do not directly map to severity levels. For example, even with minimal 0, you may see some most important INFO entries. Example:
./monero-blockchain-export --log-level=1


Option Description
--data-dir Full path to data directory. This is where the blockchain, log files, and p2p network memory are stored. For defaults and details see data directory.
--database, --db-type The default and only valid value is lmdb.


Option Description
--output-file Specify output file path. The default is $DATA_DIR/export/blockchain.raw. Example:
./monero-blockchain-export --output-file=/tmp/blockchain.raw
--blocksdat Output in blocks.dat format.
--block-stop Only export up to this block number. By default do the full export (value 0).